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Bangor Municipal Utility

Bangor Municipal Utilities (BMU) serves approximately 1800 electric customers, 1200 of which are located outside of BMU limits. BMU has approximately 220 square miles of territory located in eastern Lacrosse county and western Monroe county. BMU has been a GLU member since 2013. BMU’s affiliation with GLU has helped BMU meet the rising demands of our electric customers, while maintaining affordable rates and outstanding reliability.



Clintonville Utilities (CU) provides electric as well as water and wastewater service to approximately 2,800 customers in the community. Founded 115 years ago, CU’s mission is to provide reliable and safe electric, water and wastewater services through courteous and friendly employees. CU is a founding member of GLU since 2000. Membership in GLU has enabled us to keep our power supply costs down, saving our customers money, and it has provided us with valuable source of shared knowledge and expertise on power supply issues.

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Cornell Municipal Electric Utility

Cornell Municipal Electric & Water Utilities provides electric and water service to over 800 customers in and around our community. PSC rate cases, MISO services, securing power at competitive rates are some of the services that GLU has assisted our utility with. GLU has also been very beneficial in helping us plan our future power supply needs in addition to exploring owned generation. Being a joint action agency we’re able to pick and choose the projects that we think our customers will benefit from.



The City of Escanaba Electric Department has been serving customers with electric service to the City of Escanaba as well as part of Ford River Township since 1894. The utility serves 7200 customers with a peak load of 25MW. The City recently expanded their 1.29MW solar facility this year. GLU being a project agency is a huge benefit to Escanaba as we can obtain selected services to fit our needs which are extremely valuable to our overall mission of providing reliable service at competitive rates.


Kiel Electric Utility

The City of Kiel Electric Utility (KEU) was established in 1905 and has grown to serve approximately 2,700 customers. KEU’s affiliation with GLU has yielded great dividends by keeping us economically competitive in the region with low electric rates. Further, the collaborative partnerships among GLU’s members coupled with GLU’s ability to handle regulatory and power purchase agreements has kept our electric utility efficient and our community growing and prospering.


Manitowoc Public Utilities

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) provides electric and water services to approximately 18,000 electric customers and 13,800 water customers. MPU provides dark fiber to businesses, steam and hot water heating service to downtown businesses and IT services to the City. The utility also provides water to the six community members of the Central Brown County Water Authority. MPU has been a member of GLU since 2000 and provides the administrative and operations services for the organization. MPU’s alliance with GLU helps MPU meet future power supply requirements at competitive rates and allows flexibility, helping MPU to maintain autonomy in making power supply decisions.


Marshfield Electric & Water

Marshfield Utilities (MU) originated in 1904 and today provides electric, water, and dark fiber service to approximately 13,500 customers in the City of Marshfield and the surrounding townships. In addition, MU owns and operates a combustion turbine plant with the support of GLU. The value in GLU for MU is the ability to collaborate with other public power communities to meet the needs of our customer base while maintaining competitive rates and the reliance on the members to set the direction and focus of GLU.


Medford Electric Utility

Medford Electric Utility (MEU) is a municipally owned utility providing electric service to the City of Medford and portions of five surrounding townships. The utility was formed in 1944 when the City of Medford purchased the distribution system from Lake Superior District Power Company (now Xcel Energy) after a lengthy debate and legal battle that began in 1935. The utility serves over 3,316 customers and operates approximately 50 miles of distribution line, and 2 miles of transmission line. MEU is a founding member of GLU. GLU helps maintain our electric rates as one of the lowest in Wisconsin.


Shawano Utilities

Established in 1900 between Shawano Lake and the historic Wolf River, Shawano Municipal Utilities (SMU) serves 5,700 electric customers. SMU is also the managing partner of Badger Power Marketing Authority (Badger), a joint action agency of the Cities of Shawano and Clintonville, who together aremembers of Great Lakes Utilities. Our combined membership provides Badger access to low cost power through the joint action expertise and purchasing clout of GLU members. Badger further leverages joint ownership of a sub-transmission interconnection to reduce its powerdelivery costs and increase reliability. SMU values the flexibility and freedom that GLU membership affords, allowing us more time to spend on day to day management of our utilities and customers as we work together to make smart power supply decisions.


Stratford Water & Electric

Stratford Water and Electric originated in 1925 and currently serves 900 water and electric customers. Stratford’s partnership with GLU allows for Stratford to supply power to our customers at competitive rates and to work together with other communities to make power decisions for the future of Stratford.


Trempealeau Municipal Electric Department

Trempealeau Municipal Utilities (TMU)serves 1,386 customers & has been providing electric to the Village and nearby Townships since 1957. TMU also provides residents water and sewer services. TMU prides itself in providing high quality, reliable services to all our customers, our staff providing excellent, courteous customer service with professionalism and a smile. TMU has been a member of GLU since 2011 and GLU has been a great benefit for TMU providing lower cost power supply and helping keep our rates lower for our customers. GLU has also provided us with administrative services and support from many knowledgeable peers in the utility industry.


Wisconsin Rapids Water & Light

Water Works and Lighting Commission (WW&LC) officially began on January 2, 1915. WW&LC proudly serves approximately 14,753 customers by providing water and electric service to the residents of the City of Wisconsin Rapids and electric service to portions of the surrounding communities of Grand Rapids, Grant, Biron, Seneca, Sigel, Rudolph, and Plover. We maintain approximately 162 miles of water main and approximately 301 miles of distribution lines and 383 miles Chairof secondary service. GLU is an asset to WW&LC and our customers by helping us to continue providing competitively low rates to all that we serve.



Bangor – Pat Reilley

Clintonville – Jim Supanich

Cornell – Dave DeJongh, Treasurer

Escanaba, MI – Mike Furmanski

Kiel – Kris August

Manitowoc – Troy Adams

Marshfield – Nicolas Kumm, Secretary

Medford – Joe Harris

Shawano – Brian Knapp, Vice-Chair

Stratford – Scott Dennee

Trempealeau – Kurt Wood

Wisconsin Rapids – Jem Brown, Chair

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Great Lakes Utilities

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