Great Lakes Utilities (GLU) is a municipal electric company created to obtain low cost and reliable electric power for its members. GLU was formed in 2000 under Wisconsin Statutes Section 66.0825 and, as such, is a public body and a political subdivision of the State of Wisconsin, with separate legal status from that of its members.

GLU currently has a diverse portfolio of power supply resources which it utilizes to provide full requirements service to nine of its member communities – Bangor, Clintonville, Cornell, Kiel, Medford, Shawano, Stratford, Trempealeau, and Wisconsin Rapids, – and partial requirements service to Manitowoc.

GLU also performs Midcontinent ISO energy market services on behalf of its members.

Our Mission:

Providing value to our members through offering reliable and cost effective solutions centered on power supply to enhance the quality of life in each of the communities.

Our Vision:

To strengthen our members local status by enhanced service offering, cost effective power supply solutions, and increased member participation.

Our Values:

Commitment: Everyone is accountable for success.

Member Focus: Provide value to our members and the communities we serve.

Operational Excellence: Meet and exceed Utilities best practice for cost, reliability, and service expectations.

Stewardship: Efficiently manage our financial, environments, and regulatory responsibilities.

Innovation: Develop creative solutions that enhance service offerings.